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Never brush alone…

A BRAND NEW unreleased video from my former sketch group The 6th Borough!

Her womb + Your donations = A baby

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“Good Timing, Deer” – by Nekomesha

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Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the album “Sports”

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“In hunt for Oscar nomination, Scarlett Johansson may try playing someone unattractive.”

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Having never been nominated for an Oscar, Scarlett Johansson, in a recent interview with Stuff That Doesn’t Matter magazine, spoke about her plans to take on more challenging roles in order to expand her body of work, and possibly appeal to The Academy.

When asked what role she would now predominately seek out, she said, “An ugly person. Or, maybe just someone who’s slightly less cute than the rest of the characters in the film. Hell, I’d even do a scene where I had to wear an ill-fitting sweatshirt if it meant serious consideration from The Academy.”
But this wouldn’t be Scarlett’s first time attempting to broaden her work. In 2006, she starred in Woody Allen’s comedy “Scoop”, where she played a journalism student investigating a murder with the help of a ghost. Looking back, she recalled, “I really thought I was a shoe-in for an Oscar nomination. I was working with an Oscar winning director, a great cast, ghosts and I even wore glasses to look bookish and disarmingly awkward, yet intelligent and approachable. Sometimes actors just need to make bold artistic choices.”

But in hindsight, it seems the glasses may not have been enough. She continued, “…but I guess there still was that whole red bathing suit scene. Damn I looked good, probably too good. I knew that would come back to haunt me!”

She went on to say that despite this, she’s not one to have regrets, and is looking forward to her future work. When asked if she would consider shaving her head for a role, or if she’d play someone handicapped, she replied, “The script would have to be really solid. Like, there’d have to be at least 7 or 8 tracking shots of my ass.”

-Jason M, Fofun News, Feb 2013